MS Awareness


MS Awareness is a Rotary Club Of Gisborne (District 9800) project.

:RAGMSA Strategy 2019: Our Objectives are to:-

  1. Promote MS Awareness
  2. Encourage Rotarians and MS Societies to work together.
  3. Where there is a an MS Society there is a Rotary Club. MS Societies exist in 41 countries. The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation can provide contacts.
  4. Rotarians to contact nearest MS Society and work together to identify and develop a suitable project. Implement project and publicize your success to improve RAGMSA profile.
  5. Identify a suitable MS Research Project to help prevent and find a cure for MS. This can be done by contacting RAGMSA or MSIF website.

Our aim is for Rotarians to form links with the MS Societies in their country. The MS International Federation is working with our Rotarian Action Group to co-ordinate our activities world- wide.

The Global MS Community can talk to each other and share ideas. In this way, Rotary can help find a cure for MS!

Rotary has a simple 3 level structure: Club, District, and International. RAGMSA utilises the involvement of Rotary at all these levels. Rotary is structured in such a way that the things that interest people at all of these levels are basically the same and the difference is only one of scale.


  • Chairperson: Martin Taurins 7 Norge St Sunshine Victoria Australia 3020: RC of Gisborne D9800.
  • Public Officer, Secretary: Jasmin Dhillon
  • Treasurer: Diana Taurins.
  • Vice Chair: Virginia Billson.
  • Vocation: Barry Coleman.
  • Newsletter: Peter Taylor
  • Webmaster: TBA
  • Membership: Chris Richardson
  • Country Manager UK: Kaz Aston
  • Country Manager NZ: Martin Garcia
  • Country Manager Mexico: Dale.
  • Country Manger USA: Dr Bronwyn Martin (leave of absence)
  • D9800 International Director: Jenny Foster
MS Awareness
MS Awareness
MS Awareness
MS Awareness
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