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RAGAMS Newsletter January, 2021

"Rotarians can make a difference" Together, Rotarians, families and friends, are stronger than MS. Our ultimate goal is to bring the world together to improve the quality of life of everybody affected by MS and to end MS forever.

Hope you all enjoyed the Christmas and New Year festivities, Rotary meetings have started again and we are thinking about tasks for the next 6 months.

MS Australia

  • We reached out to Professor Trevor Kilpatrick at Florey Institute, Melbourne and discussed MS research progress.
  • The Jacob Taurins Memorial top up PhD Scholarship recipient Vivian Li started her research work at Florey Institute and is doing well. We shall set up a Zoom meeting at the Rotary Club of Gisborne so Vivian can share her progress with Rotarians.
  • RAGAMS will participate the Victorian MS 5K walk/run event. Also Refer MSIF events.
  • MS Researchers asking for direct donations to support their projects
  • The Kiss goodbye program is now an International program. Refer MSIF.
  • MSA have allocated $2.9 million for research projects as per social media posts.
  • RAGAMS to identify an appropriate Research project.
  • Trevor suggested our group members could meet with him to discuss potential research projects.
  • Bunnings have started community fundraising Sausage sizzles again and we have requested a booking a date.
  • MS Global Dinner will be planned for May, 2021.
  • Pending Covid, RAGAMS will be present at D9800 Assembly, Conference etc.


  • and Facebook upgraded to comply with Rotary branding.
  • Taiwan RI Convention cancelled due to Covid. RAGAMS will participate with a virtual exhibition Booth.
  • RAGAMS (India D3190). Status from Shankar below: Dear Martin, "The first half of the year has been very slow due to COVID and various other technical challenges we have in the slowness of making all the back end documentation required for us to operate as a legal establishment. I am positive that we should have a bank account running soon post which we can start working on creating awareness within Rotary circles. As Multiple Sclerosis is a rarer disease in these parts compared to other bigger diseases like Cancer, TB etc. We will have an uphill task first in creating awareness within Rotarians. My primary goal would be to reach as many Rotarians as possible over the next few months through awareness talks".
  • Investigating participation in Africa Virtual Health Fairs Participation. Follow up - PP Lina Lugheresia, Rotaract Club of Ngong Hills D9212 Kenya and Co-ordinator Intarconnect.
  • Subject to Covid, consider resumption of fledgling MS Vocational training exchange. Possibly US Virgin Islands, India, Philippines and Kenya Africa,
  • Continue pursuing interested Rotary clubs to partner with MS projects with RAGAMS and MSIF
  • Identify more Country managers and invite to Zoom Meetings.

Prepared by: Diana and Martin Taurins

RAGMSA Newsletter October, 2020

"Rotarians can make a difference" Together, Rotarians, families and friends, are stronger than MS. Our ultimate goal is to bring the world together to improve the quality of life of everybody affected by MS and to end MS forever.

Our aim is attract new members to join our team to help us manage RAGAMS, take on a roles such as country managers or officers.

Diana and I and founding MS Awareness Committee have had a challenging year.

After attending The RI Hamburg Convention we booked an Exhibition Booth for Honolulu, but along with other events in Australia all were cancelled due to the COVID epidemic.

The good news is that we have been forced to look at new ways to keep our RAGAMS going.

Firstly our Jacob Taurins Memorial top up PhD Scholarship recipient started work in March 2020.

May 28 President Bernhard Karli Rotary e club of London asked us to present at their Zoom Club meeting. CEO MSIF Peer Baneke and Martin presented, Please view by clicking on the following Link: zoom_028th May2020 speaker meeting on MS (3).mp4

In July Rtn Raghu Allam D3190 Action Groups Chair and Shankar Subramanian member of Rotary Club of Bangalore Rajmahal Vilas D3190 contacted us wanting to create an MS Action Group in India. RAGAMS (India) was successfully launched via Zoom with over 100 participants participating. Please view by clicking following Link:

In October PP Lina Lugheresia, Rotaract Club of Ngong Hills D9212 Kenya and Co-ordinator Intarconnect invited RAGAMS to a Zoom Interview to promote Rotary Alumni to reconnect with Action Groups as part of Rotary Reconnect Week. Please view by clicking on following link:

We want Rotary clubs to partner with RAGAMS and MSIF

We need to reconnect with lifetime members and people with empathy for people with MS and to take on an active role in RAGAMS.

Martin Taurins


News 2020

10xmembers from India have joined our group and we now have a Country Manager for India.

Due to COVID epidemic Honolulu Convention was cancelled.

We participated in the RI Virtual Convention and had a RAGAMS Exhibition Booth

We presented RAGAMS at a zoom meeting with eClub of London

News September 2019

Contacting visitors met at Hamburg RAGAMS booth to encourage partnering with international MS projects.

Jacob Taurins Memorial PHD Scholarship Candidate in partnership with Australian Health, Melbourne University and Florey institute selected will start February 2019.

Rotary Club of Bendigo D9800 ran the 2019 24hr Megaswim and raised $32,000 for MSA.

RAGAMS investigating and setting up communication with Rotary clubs in France fund the MSIF Du Pre Scholarship.

Working on implementing RAGAMS new strategy, updating website and presenting at Rotary Clubs in D9800.

Setting up communication International communication channels MSIF and MSRA and RAGAMS members so we can act as resource for Rotary clubs to implement MS Projects.

RAGAMS has attended convention since Melbourne FYI RI Conventions Listing.

Demonstrate active involvement in programs/projects

Below is a list of past projects undertaken by RAGAMS and other clubs / districts. These will be promoted on the new website along with stories of how these projects were organised as a way of activating clubs and districts to take action.

  • Container of Disability aids to Argentina
  • Vocation exchange with Argentina, Japan, India, NZ
  • Upgraded bathroom for young person with MS
  • Supplied renewed Computers to people with MS
  • Longitudinal Study Tasmania Australia with ANU (provided seed funding taken over by Australian Government and expanded to New Zealand)
  • Wishing Well, Mooroopna Victoria Australia
  • Video Living with MS "Adjusting the Sales" for people newly diagnosed with MS
  • 1x PhD scholarship partnering Australian Rotary Health, Florey and Melbourne University
  • Advertising for Jacob Taurins Progressive MS Memorial PhD Scholarship
  • Middle East Communication project matching grant RC of Philadelphia
  • Funded research equipment aids for Florey
  • Macedon Ranges Bike Ride 7 Years (Donations to MSRA and ARH)
  • MS Global Dinner 13 years
  • MSV Bike Ride BBQ 13 years
  • Peace Conference attendance Coventry England
  • Rotary Foundation Scholarship Laura Dumas
  • Promoting MS Megaswims
  • RAGAMS presence at twenty-one RI Conventions

Archived RAGAMS News

Minutes of the RAGAMS Meeting, July 14 2014

RAGAMS - Annual Report To Rotary International 2013

RAGAMS Newsletter July 30 2013

Minutes of the RAGAMS Meeting February 25th, 2013

2014 June 01- 05 Martin, Diana, Jacob and his carer Maria went to Sydney, Australia. In July 2014, Martin was awarded a Double Sapphire Paul Harris Fellow and Diana a Sapphire Paul Harris Fellow.

2013 June. Martin and Diana went to International Convention in Lisbon, Portugal. Bronwyn Martin from the Rotary Club of Philadelphia, USA attended the International Assembly in San Diego, USA

2012 June . Martin and Diana went to International Convention in Bangkok, Thailand

2011 May 22-25 Diana and Martin went to International Convention in New Orleans, USA

2010 June 20- 23 Diana and Martin went to International Convention in Montreal, Canada

2009 June 21-24 Martin and Diana went to international Convention in Birmingham, UK

2008 JUNE 22 -25 Martin and Diana went to International Convention in Los Angeles, USA

2007. JUNE 17-20 Martin went to International Convention in Salt Lake City, UTAH, USA. Diana was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow

MS Meeting Minute July14-2014 2006. JUNE 11-14 Martin went to International Convention in Malmo, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark. 2006. Jacob Martin Taurins received the Royce Abbey Award on 2006.

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